Saco River Community Television

Saco River Community Television (SRC-TV) has been created to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas within our communities.

Our goal is to assist in this essential 1st Amendment right by providing basic, introductory media production training (studio production assistance, digital video editing & camera operation) so that residents in our service area can create locally oriented media that speaks directly to their concerns and is relevant to their lives.

Board of director duties

To provide the citizens of the 6 towns on the Saco River Cable system with the training and equipment necessary to produce non-commercial, non-profit, community television programming to be shown on the regional public and governmental access channels. Such training and equipment will be provide to any resident of the participating towns on a non-discriminatory basis without regard for their various political, social, economic, religious, or other views or beliefs.

To provide the opportunity and technical means for individuals, institutions and organizations to learn and expand their horizons and to provide a flourishing marketplace for an exchange of ideas in the community.

To foster innovative uses of the access channels in the public interest with particular concern for those whose interest are not commercially attractive to the conventional media.

These channels are provided to all cable television subscribers according to the terms and conditions of the cable TV franchise agreement with the cable operator. Program content shall be the sole responsibility of the producer and must comply with the guidelines set forth by the Saco River Community Television