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2010 to Present

Local History Programs

Buxton Hollis Historical Society


Municipal PSA's

Rita Anderson

Community Events

Field Day:

Rick Alderette:

Music performance/Saco River Soundstage/York County Blues Festival

Unfinished Blues at the Roost:

Chris Clark

Blues Festival

Municipal programming

Shaker Museum presentations


Political spots

Parades/Community Events/Causes

Garden Thyme

Sewing Thyme

Vickie Show

The Fishing Hole

Saco River Chronicles

Jason Baldwin drone


Outdoor Recreation

Your Maine with Don Marean

Candidate videos

Saco River Soapbox

Art Programs

Nature & the Outdoors

The Cranky Yankee & Don Hack

Linda Greenlaw Returns to Portland

Wreaths Across America (promos and ceremonies)

The Old Peabody Pew

SRC-TV Station Promos

St. Joseph's College lectures

Local Library Presentations

Speak to the Freak

Local Views

The Croobies

Gun Safety

Short Films/Videos/Aerial drone

Wells Reserve Lectures

  • Compiled by Patrick Bonsant